We do the Heavy Lifting

FAA Approved and Insured

FAA Approved

FAA section 333 and part 107 certification for motion picture, TV, and closed set filming. Our pilots are fully licensed and certificated by the FAA to operate full-size aircraft and drones in the national airspace.


We are fully insured and carry up to $10 million in general liability aviation insurance and workers comp to satisfy all studio requirements.

Production Support

The team at CineDrones handles all drone related paperwork with the FAA for easy film permit office submissions.


Proper planning and preparation is essential to the success of every production. Because each project has unique requirements, our production team will work to streamline the process, understand your needs all while keeping your production on schedule and on budget.


It takes the correct combination of technology, talent, and teamwork to produce any project. No matter the scope or budget, our production crew comes equipped with all the tools necessary to capture the kind of content you want.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Our teams have the ability to work when and where needed shooting first team talent or compiling establishing shots, b-roll or VFX plates that help tell a full story in ways never before seen.

Aerial and Ground Camera Systems.

We execute your vision using the best drones, cinema cameras, and gear.


ALTA 8 - State of the art heavy lift system designed to lift cinema cameras like the RED and ALEXA Mini with anamorphic or zoom lenses. Includes complete zoom, focus, and iris control.

Inspire 2 X7

Inspire 2 X7 - The most versatile drones in the industry. The X7 camera is a compact Super 35 camera provides 14 stops of dynamic range and records up to 6k in CinemaDNG and RAW.


HANDHELD MOVI PRO KIT - Entirely hand-crafted & custom designed 3-axis stabilizer. Ready for full day filming in any environment.


TERO CHASE CAR - The system allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control of the MōVI stabilizer.


BLACK ARM - A hard mounted system, made for gimbals. Mounts on cars, ATVs, boats, & snowmobiles. the 3-axis dampening system stabilizes cameras even in the roughest terrain.


CineVan - Our custom fitted sprinter van is production ready and completely self contained.

Powered by the latest and most reliable technology in our industry.
From full cinema packages to wireless control.