Professional Drone Company Los Angeles

Professional Drone Company Los Angeles

Looking for a Professional Drone Company in Los Angeles for your next motion picture of TV commercial? Cinedrones is the movie industry's most sought-after company in the drone cinematography business. Our veteran and licensed drone pilots combine with our cutting-edge camera operators to turn video production visions into realities. Whether you need an aerial shot for a film, a music video, a real estate or corporate advertisement, a TV commercial, or anything that requires high-quality aerial video footage, Cinedrones is the company you can trust to get the job done quickly, correctly, and affordable.

Cinedrones Works with Budgets of All Sizes

Though Cinedrones frequently works with some of the most esteemed corporations in media today, including CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and many other famous TV companies/networks, our drone film services are affordable to everyone. Cinedrones works with all budgets, and we have all the necessary FAA licenses to operate safely and legally to capture award-winning aerial footage for your project.

Our Team is Unrivaled

Cinedrones's professional staff is unrivaled in the region. Our cinematic vision goes above and beyond what most drone companies are capable of doing or even imagining. Because we employ only the best drone pilots and camera operators in the industry, and because our team is far-thinking and more creative than our competitors, we're regularly able to do what other drone companies can't. That's why more directors turn to us for a Professional Drone Company in Los Angeles.

Cinedrones is Committed to Safety

We are fully licensed and insured for your safety as well as the protection of the general population and the environment. Let's now consider some basic drone flying rules. For exceptions to be made to existing laws, special permits must be issued from the proper authorities. Fortunately, Cinedrones knows how to get any special flying permits needed to complete your job.

No Flying Drones Over 400 Feet from the Ground: Cinedrones specializes in low-altitude aerial footage captures.

No Flying within Five Miles of an Airport: If you pay attention to world news, you've likely heard of a few recent scares with drones coming dangerously close to ascending or descending airplanes. Therefore, the United States and most other countries, have passed strict regulations regarding flying drones in proximity to airports.

No flying in National Parks: National parks are rich with national treasures and resources, and the federal government goes to great lengths to preserve these specialized areas. Therefore, flying drones is strictly prohibited in national parks without a special permit.

You Must Stay within 'Line of Sight' of the Drone: This regulation makes sense. It's dangerous to your property and to others to fly your drone outside of your line of sight. Further, there's no reason to have to get the aerial footage you need for your project.

Contact Cinedrones today or visit our website for a quote.  Let us show you why Cinedrones is the best drone cinematography company in the business.  We've got Professional Drone services in Los Angeles that are perfect for your aerial footage needs.

Professional Drone Company Los Angeles
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Professional Drone Company Los Angeles Professional Drone Company Los Angeles Professional Drone Company Los Angeles

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