Drone Company NYC

Drone Company NYC

The world of filming and cinematography has evolved through the years, not only regarding techniques and approaches but also in the tools and equipment filmmakers use. Today, high-tech cameras are being used to come up with images and visuals with quality that is never seen in the past. There are also the aerial drones, which filmmakers use for a good number of reasons.

Thankfully, finding a drone company in NYC is no longer a tall order. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of using drones in any of your filming projects:

  1. Safety – Taking shots from up top of a building or a mountain always comes with the risk of fall. In some cases, accidents occur and could even result in injuries, or even death. With the help of an aerial drone, your staff will no longer need to go through dangerous heights to capture those breathtaking and majestic shots. Since drones are remote controlled, you can stay in a safe place while it takes all of the shots that you need in all possible angles.

  2. Versatility – Since drones are remote controlled and can fly to virtually any area, you can enjoy the extensive versatility that traditional filming equipment cannot provide. Drones can usually take shots from a few centimeters off the ground for up to as much as 300 feet above. It can be controlled in all directions with varying speeds, depending on your requirements.

  3. Efficiency - Unlike the traditional filming equipment that takes time to set up, drones will require you only a few minutes. In as short as 5 to 10 minutes, you can already get the aerial drone up in the air and commence with your filming. This saves you a lot of time, which you can utilize for your other tasks at hand.
  4. Full HD – Another considerable advantage aerial drones can offer is uncompromised quality concerning their output. Drones are capable of capturing shots and images in full-HD quality. This means it can produce footage at 4K resolution or higher without compromising the overall quality of the film.

  5. Noise control – Thanks to today’s technological advancements, drones are capable of reducing noise when capturing footage. Its motor will not generate any disruption that could affect the quality of the footage. Moreover, they can be used even if there are animals near the vicinity.

  6. Extensive application – Lastly, aerial drones can be used in many forms. Aside from taking footage for filmmaking, they can also be used for news broadcasting, taking sports footage, and promoting real estate. Nowadays, realtors are starting to use drones to take aerial shots of their properties, especially the huge ones that are best presented in an aerial angle.

With all of these benefits and advantages awaiting, you seriously need to consider investing in aerial drones. The next step, however, is to find a reputable drone company in NYC that offers topnotch drone filming and other related services. Here at CineDrones, we have trained and licensed pilots and camera operators who are more than capable and qualified to operate our quality drones and provide breathtaking shots. Give us a call at (844) 359-3766 to learn more about our quality aerial drones’ services and how we can help you get the finest in aerial shots possible.

Drone Company NYC
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Drone Company NYC Drone Company NYC Drone Company NYC

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