Drone Company New York

Drone Company New York

The genesis of cinematography likely began when someone realized that the illusion of motion is created by a rapid succession of still scenes with the “moving object” in a slightly different position from the previous scene.

In 1891 Thomas Edison demonstrated this with his Kinetoscope and in 1895 the Lumiere Brothers showed the first motion picture to a paying audience in Paris. The 1927 movie “The Jazz Singer” brought sound to movies. The techniques to add color to movies already existed but a less costly and easier to produce method called the Technicolor Three Color Process was used to make the first color movies in the early 1930s.  

Other advances leading up to modern cinematography include computer-aided imagery and digital photography. Jack Foley revolutionized sound effects, and a “Foley Artist” is used to add realistic post-production sounds after the actual film has been shot.

Another advancement in filmmaking is the increased use of drones to capture the breathtaking scenes and stunts that border on the impossible. CineDrones is a drone company in New York that was created eight years ago in Hollywood to meet the demands of Producers and Directors of Photography (DPs) who needed to take their movies airborne.

CineDrones is much more than one person with a webcam and a toy drone. This drone company in New York has a team of professionals that includes veteran cinematographers, drone pilots, camera operators, and technicians. It is easy to forget that putting any flying machine into the air will require permitting to fly at night as well as getting permission from domestic and international airports. The support staff at CineDrones will coordinate such details so that costly delays are avoided.

The state-of-the-art equipment used by CineDrones includes:

  • Alta 8 Drone – This unit can lift up to 40 lbs. making it ideal to tote cinema cameras like the RED and ALEXA mini with complete zoom, focus and iris control. It can operate in temperatures from -20F to 113F.

  • Inspire 2 X7 – This drone is known for its versatility. The X7 camera is a compact Super 35 with 14 stops of dynamic range and can record up to 6k in CinemaDNG and RAW format.

  • Tero Chase Car – CineDrone does more than aerial filming. Those exciting chase scenes might have involved this unit that allows an “extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control of the MōVI stabilizer”.

  • The CineVan – this is an entirely self-contained vehicle and is ready for production at any time.

CineDrone has a long list of commercials and films including the Amazon prime series Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton and the Lincoln Motor Company commercial with Serena Williams. They provided the aerial filming in the Fox TV series 9-1-1 depicting first responders in the Los Angeles area.

CineDrone now serves film producers in New York as well as New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago as well as Los Angeles where it all began. You can request a quote online for your film project using the online form that asks for your film location(s), when you plan to begin filming and space to describe your project in some detail. You or a representative can also call CineDrone at 844-359-3766 for more information.

Drone Company New York
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Drone Company New York Drone Company New York Drone Company New York

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