Drone Company Los Angeles

Drone Company Los Angeles

Drones have revolutionized the filmmaking industry entirely. Drones have dramatically reduced video production costs and allow video directors to get very creative with new video products and techniques. Cinedrones is the on the cutting-edge of the drone video trend, establishing itself as a world-class drone company in Los Angeles.

With drones seemingly getting cheaper by the day, filmmakers are now able to get aerial footage that once required the rental of helicopters and airplanes. Of course, Cinedrones has our own helicopters if a job calls for it, but most of our shots are taken with drones. Let's consider some of the different kinds of shots you'll be able to get when you hire the most dynamic drone company in Los Angeles, Cinedrones.

Aerial Pan Shots

Aerial pan shots are achieved by mounting a moving camera/gimbal to a flying drone. The camera and or the gimbal is moved in a controlled fashion to follow a target or to keep an object in view (like following someone riding away on a motorbike) or to take a panoramic shot of an area. For example, at the beginning of many televised football games, cameras pan from one end of the football field to the other during the opening of the game. There are many techniques that Cinedrones can utilize to add some sophistication to your pan shots.

Tracking Shots

Tracking shots are obtained while flying a drone and moving a camera alongside or parallel with the subject at hand. Tracking shots are ubiquitous in motion pictures, sporting events, and TV advertisements. Tracking shots require a considerable amount of skill to be recorded precisely. By matching the speed of the subject and keeping the focal point even, Cinedrones can provide stellar tracking shots for our clients. We are the drone company in Los Angeles that provides the best tracking shots.

Fly Over Shots

Working for the Discovery Channel, we've conducted a number of these shots to show an object's geographical position or show the scale of an object. For example, you've likely seen fly over shots used to showcase an active volcano. Fly over shots are obtained by keying in with the camera on a specific landscape or object and flying the drone to the object, over the object, and beyond the object, while keeping the object in focus the entire time.

Reveal Shots

Reveal shots are the best way to give a scene a "Wow" effect. However, reveal shots don't have to be used to wow your audience. Reveal shots can also be used to open or close a scene. Reveal shots work by beginning filming while the target is out of sight of the drone and flying the drone towards the object until the object is in view. The key is to reveal whatever it is of interest that you want your audience to focus on.

Of course, our drone and camera experts are available for consultation at any time. We can help you gain insight into which type of shots would be best for your scene.

Drone Company Los Angeles
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Drone Company Los Angeles Drone Company Los Angeles Drone Company Los Angeles

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