Atlanta Drones

Atlanta Drones

The rising demand for drones started just for recreation purposes. Before, most of the users are just the hobbyist who likes flying the device and having the bird’s eye of everything below it. Now, some would use it for military surveillance, others would use it for their businesses like oil and agriculture. But as the technology evolves for drones, the entertainment industry begins to accept that drones are a great help in their filmmaking.

CineDrones offers a complete package of all your camera needs. Working with our Atlanta drones, you are at peace with any production you may have. We have pilots, technicians, camera operators and cinematographers to work hand in hand with the directors’ need to make any shot flawless.

We produce projects for TV commercials and series and films. We also film music videos from the leading singers. Our turn-around time is quick to be able to meet the deadlines of the directors.

Fly Safe with Us

But even if our sky is so vast and seems so unlimited, we are still aware of the regulations to make sure that the traffic control in the sky is followed systematically. That is why making sure we comply with the law of FAA or Federal Aviation Administration.

CineDrones ensures to comply with the all the permits needed when it comes to flying the drones for your flying camera. And we make sure that our expert pilots operate our Atlanta drones. To ensure the safety of anyone on the ground and anything in the sky we only hire licensed pilots to operate the uncrewed aircraft.  We make sure that our pilots are adequately trained, and continuous training is given to upgrade their skills and keep up with any regulation that may arise the FAA.

Achieve an Aerial Production from Us

Our clients chose to hire our team with the goal of giving a different point of view to their audience. That what makes our aerial team different from any drone flyers. We use the most advanced cameras and drones to film the scene that was never seen by a person on the ground.

We capture different emotions from every actor that is required in every scene. That is made possible because of the combined work of our expert operators and highly advance drone.

We also deliver shots that may seem impossible to give justice by a camera operator using a regular camera. We make every filming limitless by using different types of drones needed on the scene.

Our services are also cost saving. With a normal team production, a set may need to have more staff to do all the jobs. But working with our team, you can save up money because our team will already provide all your filming needs. Your production cost is reduced, but the value is increased.

Revolutionize Your Work

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Atlanta Drones
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