Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

Cinedrones is the industry-leading drone filmmaking company esteemed clients trust for affordable, high-quality Aerial Cinematography in Los Angeles. The popularity of drone usage in the cinematic setting has exploded in recent years because drone aerial cinematography has improved visual storytelling immensely. Not only are cinematic videos getting better with drone aerial cinematography, but the cost of production has decreased markedly as well and continues to decline. Hence, it's getting easier for big production companies and everyday people alike to create stunning visuals with a Hollywood touch using drone aerial cinematography from Cinedrones.

Do Your Research Before Hiring a Drone Filmmaking Firm

Before you hire anyone off the Internet for your drone filmmaking needs, you need to make sure your pilot is licensed correctly and has a reputation for creating award-winning quality videos. One of the significant benefits of contracting Cinedrones is that we have all of our licenses, we're in total compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and we've got the client base to back up our claims.

Though Cinedrones has proudly assisted many major corporations at the top of their respective industries, Cinedrones can work within any budget. Since we offer our services at affordable prices, it only makes sense to trust the  Aerial Cinematography in Los Angeles that the "big guys" trust. Our veteran drone pilots are also expert filmmakers who have assisted in aerial video captures for the following companies:

-Discovery Channel
-Fear the Walking Dead
-and many more reputed clients

Get a Variety of Visuals

As the best  Aerial Cinematography in Los Angeles, Cinedrones understands how to utilize drone filmmaking to get a variety of video capture styles, and not just for establishing shots. Cinedrones's veteran drone pilots/expert filmmakers know how to use drones for reveals, tracking, and for obtaining other types of stunning visuals.

Don't Overuse Drones

Drones are powerful and exciting tools that can be used to obtain great captures and save you a ton of money. However, as with anything else, drones can be overused. At any time during your project, feel free to consult our drone pilots for recommendations regarding any scenes you're considering using a drone to capture. Contact Cinedrones today to discuss your drone aerial cinematography needs.

Give Us Time to Setup Our Equipment

Drone capture scenes need to be well-thought out and carefully planned. It takes time to mount a drone properly and run sufficient tests. Typically, testing occurs one or two days before the shoot to ensure that operations go smoothly on the day of the shoot. Also, keep in mind that more sophisticated cameras take longer to get ready than basic cameras do. Be sure to give Cinedrones enough notice to set up our drones properly, and you will save time and money and end up with a better final product.

Cinedrones is on Top of it

The explosion of drone aerial cinematography has taken the movie industry and the FAA by storm. Since drone aerial cinematography is still a relatively new phenomenon and is becoming more popular by the day, the FAA is continually changing drone laws. Cinedrones remains on top of the situation continuously monitoring the FAA and staying ahead of the curve on new drone legislation.

Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles
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Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

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