Aerial Cinematography Atlanta

Aerial Cinematography Atlanta

The aerial cinematography seemed so challenging before to most filmmakers. It may take time and money for them to take a simple aerial shot. But with the evolution of the technology, it has made it possible to take scenes from above with the help of drones.

Highly advanced drones made it possible to carry HD cameras to capture scenes of the view below. It adds life to the story by giving the audience a wider view of the location and a 360-degree angle of the scene.

With CineDrones, we provide aerial cinematography in Atlanta and other cities with the emotions our clients want.

The Need for a Flying Camera

More and more filmmakers now are shifting to drones to fly their cameras in the sky. This will enable them to see real-time the view from above. It will give them a chance to adjust, focus or retake the scene on that same moment.

With the flying device available to take shots of the full location, the director and the DP will get the chance to explore the whole place. They can experiment with shots to give more life to the story easily. Our Inspire2 is just perfect to film these kinds of scenario. Licensed pilots operate it for the safety and in compliance with the FAA law.

Our drones are also capable of carrying substantial weight cameras. It can carry zoom out lens that is needed to capture scenes from afar.

High action and moving scenes can also be demanding. Instead of using rolling equipment to film these shots, we have available drones that can move quickly to record every movement from your actors.

The complexity of the location. Sometimes the location is complicated because of the moving cars, walking people, other structures present. Using drones can make it possible to take shots no matter how challenging the place could be.

Perfect Shot, Perfect Team

But our work won’t be possible by just our devices alone. Aside from our state-of-the-art drones, we are composed of the highly reliable team. Our aerial cinematography in Atlanta is made possible by our experienced team.

We follow a scientific way of executing each project we have. Once we have received the details of your project, we take time to plan and analyze what the best techniques to use are. We make sure to do an ocular of the place to see the site. In this way, possible threats can be adequately addressed.

While there are other drone providers, we are proud that we have cinematographers as part of our team. This enables the whole team to understand the value of having a perfect shot based from a cinematographer’s point of view.

The Art of Filming

Filming is not an easy task. To make it art is harder. With us, both can be achievable. Talk to us and send in your request for a quote. We will get back in full detail of what can be best done to your story.

Aerial Cinematography Atlanta
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Aerial Cinematography Atlanta Aerial Cinematography Atlanta Aerial Cinematography Atlanta

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