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Aerial Cinematography Experts
From the first FAA permit to the production wrap, CineDrones has delivered the highest level of drone cinematography available. Our award winning team provide unmatched shots few dare to accomplish. Get the shot, take flight today.


Film. TV. Commercials.
It’s What We Do.

Our aerial teams work hand in hand with directors and directors of photography while on set in order to provide the unique vantage points that only a drone can accomplish, enhancing their ability to tell a story and increase production value with each and every flight.

Our teams have years of experience on sets and understand that safety and the ability to get the shot are the priority. Approved by all major studios and obtaining FAA permits prior to every shoot ensures

Full Service Drone Cinematography

FAA Approved, fully insured and all-inclusive, at CineDrones we handle all your drone cinematography needs from pre-to-post production. With the most experienced team and most extensive aerial toolkit at your disposal, there isn’t a drone related production service you won’t find at CineDrones.


Want to blow up a drone, Crash it into a wall, or run it over with a truck? We’ve done it all and can provide you with a drone of any sort for productions needs!

VR / 360 Drone

The 360° VR camera drone market is still considered “niche” to some, but CineDrones has traveled the world for fully immersive VR footage.

Delivery Drones

We offer complete packages from concept and design to fabrication of custom drones for use in any delivery application.

Aerial Lighting

We offer lights both small and large to act as set lighting, spot lighting, “police” helicopter or even Alien UFO’s.

On-Camera Drones

CineDrones has provided prop drones on a number of shows such as NCIS, 9-1-1-, You’re the Worst, Modern Family, NFL and many, many more.


FPV racing and FPV drones has given us a new way to get intricate shots in tight spaces and even give us long-range high speed chasing capabilities.
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