Top Filmmakers turn to CineDrones

Hollywood is embracing innovative and technologically advanced ways of making films for the silver screen, TV series and commercials. One innovation with growing popularity is the use of drones with gimbal mounted cameras.

Filmmakers and cinematographers see the advantage of creating more precise, efficient and cost effective films and TV series with the use of drones for aerial shots. Drones are technically known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS).

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved CineDrones for the use of drones for filmmaking, they employee licensed pilots and award winning cinematographers and camera operators and are members of the International Cinematographers Guild (Local 600) and has grown their business to be one of the largest and most respected drone companies in Hollywood.  Their schedule is not for the weary in some cases being booked months in advance and traveling in some cases for weeks at a time waking up in different locations several times a week.

Filmmakers can now capture more innovative shots and with less limitations as well as with better speed and organic movement. Drones allow for more nimble filmmaking. More cost efficient than using dollies, wires, camera rigs, cranes and helicopters.

The total cost of using camera mounted drone and crew per day ranges from $3,500 to  $10,000.00 for a 10-12 hour DAY compared to $10,000.00 per HOUR to use a full size helicopter.  While there are shots that call for the helicopter, CineDrones regularly uses their drones as a dolly, Steadicam, jib, crane and more to let creative visions run wild.

These give audiences a new perspective of the action and directors a new way to tell their stories.  Creating unique shots because these can get into spots and reach areas and elevations that other manned equipment’s and aircrafts can’t.

Films and TV series now rely on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of drones to make quality films and series with less worries and lower costs while still providing a very safe environment on set.


Atlanta Welcomes CineDrones

Atlanta has been a hotbed for the film and TV industry as of late, with more and more productions moving to Atlanta and the rise of the motion picture industry in the State of Georgia CineDrones felt it was time to bring our world-class aerial cinematography to the State.

CineDrones is proud to now have offices in Downtown Atlanta, and will be calling the Peach State our 2nd home!

CineDrones is an industry leading aerial cinematography company based in Los Angles, CA, it's ground-breaking technology has given filmmakers a new way to tell their story and has brought production value to another level.

For more information on CineDrones, email or call 844-359-3766

CineDrones featured on Fear the Walking Dead

The crew at CineDrones is always busy, traveling around the country to locations for a variety of TV Shows, Movies and Commercials.

One such production that we are very proud of is Fear the Walking Dead Season 2. The production takes place at Baja Studios in Mexico where the blockbuster Titanic was filmed.

Our crew has made 20 plus trips to Mexico to provide aerials for one of of AMC's most successful franchises ever.

To see more behind the scenes and more of CineDrones in action, check out Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick:

Behind the Scenes on Fear the Walking Dead with CineDrones!

Hollywood Welcomes CineDrones

CineDrones is extremely proud to now call Hollywood home!  CineDrones recently relocated their offices from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA in order to better serve it's clients. Having spent many months in Los Angeles on shoots of all kinds it was a natural move that made sense for CineDrones.  Now closer to our clients and able to respond quickly to meetings and last minute shoot requests our teams are ready to fly at a moments notice in and around Southern California and can be anywhere in the world in just a few hours with our close access to Los Angeles International airport and media credentials.

All of our pilots are FAA Licensed and members of International Cinematographers Guild, you know that when you hire CineDrones you are hiring the very best in aerial cinematography experts.


CineDrones Earns Section 333 Exemption From The FAA

CineDrones has been approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to provide commercial UAV and drone services. Through Exemption No. 11279, CineDrones now can fly drones commercially. As explained in our application and accompanying FAA approval letter, our service focus is aerial cinematography and video which we have been providing to the entertainment and media industries for years. With the FAA Exemption, we are federally approved to fly commercially and provide a high-level of security for our clients moving forward.